Alice Harmon Shaw

Published: March 30, 2020

Alice Harmon Shaw was born in 1913 and grew up on a farm in Cape Elizabeth, south of Portland, Maine. Shaw painted primarily in watercolors, depicting natural scenes. Though also known for her portraiture and drawing, her most commonly traded works are of the southern Maine coast.

From the Randall Antiques & Fine Art entry on Shaw

Raised on a farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Alice Harmon Shaw (1913-1994) put herself through the Portland School of Art (now the Maine College of Art). While there, she came under the influence of its director, Alexander Bower, who urged her in the direction of watercolors, for which she is best known today.

During her career, Shaw was listed in the Who’s Who in American Art directory and was featured prominently in galleries in and outside the state. For the opening of Portland’s Aucocisco gallery in 1999, owner Andres Verzosa chose to display an exhibition of Shaw’s watercolors.